11/08/2015 //

RECENT PHOTOS FROM MOVIE PRODUCTION OF TIBAK, THE STORY OF KABATAANG MABABAYAN. Arlyn dela Cruz directs the confrontation between Joma Sison (Jak Roberto) and Marcos. The Tibaks headed by Joma Sison (Jak Roberto) are defiant. Confrontation between the presidential guards and the activists of [more]

Full Text of Interview with Prof. Jose Maria Sison

10/08/2015 //

BY SONNY MALLARI, PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER, August 10, 2015. The questions arise from an earlier statement made by Prof. Jose Maria Sison in response to news reports that he had conversed with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The statement runs as follows: The GPH-NDFP peace negotiations are a way to [more]

Entrevista sobre China y los EEUU

02/08/2015 //

con el profesor José María Sison presidente fundador del Partido Comunista de Filipinas [Nota: A continuación publicamos en su idioma original inglés una reciente entrevista a José María Sison, presidente [more]

Guerrilla y Democracia

02/08/2015 //

Guerrilla y Democracia Entrevista al Prof. Jose Maria Sison President de Liga International de la Lucha de los Pueblos Fundador del Partido Comunista de Filipinas pagina 20-22. [more]
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