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Ermita and Gonzalez are Engaged in a Crazy Game of Psywar

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
10 December 2005

There are indications that the special operatives of the Arroyo regime themselves are responsible for the shooting of some windows of the LTA building owned by Mike Arroyo and the explosion of apparently "bawang" firecrackers under three cars in different locations in Manila as well as the bomb scare texted to the US and other embassies timed with the visit of US super-spy John Negroponte.

First, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and the highest military officials are too quick to blame the New People's Army and they continue to insist on their lie despite the timely denial of CPP spokesman "Ka Roger" Rosal and the expert observations of Senator Panfilo Lacson and others that the Arroyo regime is making up the shooting incident and the bomb scares to draw attention from its culpability for the grave political, economic and social problems.

Second, except for some broken glass windows, the LTA building was practically undamaged. There is absolutely no damage to the cars. No bomb ever exploded in any embassy premise. And yet Ermita and the highest military officials magnify the false claims beyond all proportions. They are blatantly engaged in a psywar game.

If only to put the blame on the NPA, they cast doubt on the existence of the "Enlightened Warriors" as an anti-Arroyo group and then insist that there is no anti-Arroyo group within the AFP. Such doubting can only challenge the "Enlightened Warriors" group to prove its existence by doing something more significantly damaging to the Arroyo regime.

DOJ secretary Raul Gonzalez is also trying to play the psywar game. But he is even more incompetent than Ermita in putting together his lies. He rushes a resolution to include me in a list of the accused more than four years after the June 12, 2001 punishment of Marcos-time torturer Colonel Rodolfo Aquinaldo. Then he issues a press release to claim that he is receiving death threats for his stupid and useless resolution.

My legal counsel Atty. Romeo T. Capulong can easily debunk that resolution. We state the facts and arguments against the false charge of Gonzalez. It is obvious that Gonzalez has invented the "death threats" to himself as a further publicity gimmick. But it is also highly probable that the motorcycle-riding special military operatives of Ermita are the ones texting death threats to Gonzalez. For this reason, he should be on alert for his own good and for mine.

I am the one who needs to be more vigilant than ever before against powerful and unjust adversaries and their intensified campaign of slander and incitement to official and unofficial violence against me. My Philippine, European and American lawyers are looking into the possibility that the US and Arroyo governments are fabricating stories and intelligence dossiers against me in order to lay the ground for my "rendition" (kidnapping) by the CIA and other operatives of the US. I hope that the current exposures of US criminality in carrying out "renditions" from Europe will continue to run ahead of any scheme to "rendition" me. ###

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